UFG Asset Management has been a leader in the Russian financial markets since its foundation in 1994. With cumulative assets under management in excess of $2.3bn, UFG manages funds in Private Equity, Public Markets and Real Estate and is also one of Russia’s largest Wealth Management platforms. Through its Private Equity Funds, UFG invests in high growth mid-cap businesses focusing on the consumer sector, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, technology and the telecommunications sector. As one of the first Russian signatories to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing (UN PRI), UFG has been at the forefront of implementing ESG standards across its portfolio companies and has a well deserved reputation for integrity and social fairness. Corporate Governance is at the heart of UFG’s investment process, and has helped its funds generate global  top-quartile returns on its 2 PE funds raised since 2010, investing over $600m to back outstanding entrepreneurs in some of Russia’s fastest growing companies.


GoodCompany Ventures is developing a new program, Climate Ventures 2.0, in collaboration with the White House’s Climate Data Initiative. As announced by the White House in December 2014, Climate Ventures 2.0 will engage entrepreneurs to apply the scientific and technical resources of the Climate Data Initiative to global threats at the nexus of water and food security. Since the launch of GCV’s first accelerator program to serve high impact social entrepreneurs movement in 2009, GCV has earned a reputation as the “graduate school” for social entrepreneurs and its graduates have raised over $50mm in private capital to fuel their social missions. Compared to funds invested in our programming, this represents a return of over 700x to our donors. As a GCV is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, GCV has developed services for social entrepreneurs and the impact investors who fund them with support from Halloran Philanthropies, the Knight Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Wharton Social Impact Initiative, Investors’ Circle and the Kind Foundation.


Cleantech21 (C21) is an independent, non-profit foundation based in Zurich, Switzerland. C21 was established by Swiss individuals in late 2007 and was initially known as ‘Foundation for Global Sustainability (FFGS)’. Our mission is to foster sustainable global development with the power of business. We believe that each of us, in our private and professional roles, benefits from our environment and has a moral responsibility towards future generations to protect it.

C21 pursues its mission through focused  project initiatives. We initiate projects and execute them in cooperation with universities, private and public sector partners.


To encourage exploration and eventual use of this technology in support of climate action, the UN Climate Change secretariat initiated and facilitated the creation of the Climate Chain Coalition (CCC) – an open global initiative to support Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for Climate.

Climate Chain Coalition (CCC)

Whole Forest is a social enterprise focused on conserving highly threatened tropical forests in Ecuador. Our company partners with forest communities in the midst of deforestation and helps them build a new local economy based on conservation, sustainable forest management, local manufacturing of valuable wood products, and gaining access to international green markets.  Whole Forest manufactures balsa wood laminates used in the construction of wind turbine blades and serves markets in China, Europe, and the US.  This year, we are launching a new business line based on manufacturing hardwood flooring, countertops, and tables and serving US green construction projects.  Because Whole Forest is conserving large amounts of carbon that would otherwise be emitted during deforestation, we can offer green construction projects a significant carbon offset packaged along with our hardwood products.   Whole Forest partners with the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment as a community forestry pilot project under Ecuador’s  REDD+ Action Plan.  Our goal is to create a business/conservation intervention that can be replicated and scaled to conserve large areas of tropical forest that are threatened by deforestation.


bne IntelliNews was set up in 2006 and is today the leading English-language publication covering business, economics, finance and politics of the 30-plus countries of emerging Europe, Central Asia and North Africa. bne is unique as it is the only publication that has reporters living and working in all the countries we cover from Istanbul to Vladivostok and Tallinn to Tehran. Our core markets are: Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, and Turkey. bne’s award winning coverage is read by the leading international investment banks, the top funds with billions AUM, government and embassies from across Europe, multinationals working in the region and other media that rely on bne’s quality and timely in-depth reporting and commentary to keep abreast of developments in the region.


Privos Capital is a global multi-family office LP (MFO) investment firm.   As a multi-family office, we partner with family offices, multi-family offices, sovereign and royal families, their funds, foundations, and world-wide portfolio companies, in leading financial centers, as well as in the BRICS, N-11, and Frontier Countries of the Emerging Markets.

As a multi-family office, our main business is working from our international family office partners on a wide range of highly complex, high-profile and confidential global expansionist activities, capital allocations, and world-wide investments, including strategic partnerships, alliances, joint ventures, direct investments, and co-investments.  We work with our family office partners across all sectors and strategies and tailor, design and execute bespoke proprietary allocations and financing solutions to help our LP partners achieve the important strategic goals of their family office, their funds, portfolio companies, and world-wide holdings.


Maximpact Ecosystems is a unique platform offering comprehensive development and support services to the circular, impact and sustainability sectors.

We provide a marketplace in which a unique network of like-minded people can focus on creating good impact and a more sustainable future. This offers unlimited opportunities to work with one another. By Sharing Our Global Resources we will accelerate the rate at which we can do good for our planet and its inhabitants.


Eco Wave Power is the sole global inventor, owner and developer of the unique EWP wave energy devices. Our wave energy company designs, manufactures and operates the EWP wave energy convertors. We believe that our patented and award winning technology is clearly on target to become a world leader in the wave energy field. EWP currently holds projects and Project orders in the UK, Gibraltar, China, Mexico, Chile, Israel and other countries. We are always looking for new projects and opportunities. Join us in our mission!


SKOLKOVO Sustainable Business Centre is a part of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. The Centre was established in 2014 in collaboration with Unilever.
Promote the sustainability agenda and education of the next generation of business leaders in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Main Activities are applied research, education, outreach and consulting.


The Russian Carbon Fund is the leading turnkey sustainability services and solutions provider in CIS region with a broad network of expertise comprising Russian research centers, along with international scientists and developers. Since 2011, the Fund has helped major business and state actors successfully implement sustainability strategies related to risk assessment, transparency, public engagement, efficient resource management, clean tech and climate finance. The Russian Carbon Fund is a proud member of several international organizations such as UN Global Compact, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, World Bank Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition and Foundations 20.


Incepted in February 2010 in Berlin, WaterVent (acronym of Water and Venture) is enjoying a steadily increasing brand awareness. Though we notice hundreds of congresses and trade fairs dealing with water issues and subjects organized globally, WaterVent was and is still the only international water technologies (and related nexus) focused forum: minimum 50% of presentations done are setup by water technology entrepreneurs and innovators looking for funding and/or clients (users,  applications)!

Thirteen forums in US, Europe and UAE  (contract forum RAK on behalf of Utico) with appr. 2,250 attendees in the region.


Smart Resources GmbH is an independent company based in Stans, Switzerland that specialises in environmental engineering. Smart Resources also owns smartREC GmbH, which is responsible for implementing recycling, waste treatment and disposal projects.

The company specialises in the following fields of expertise:

  •  The planning, management, and implementation of recycling and waste treatment and disposal projects
  • The decommissioning of military installations, the sale of surplus material, the recycling of valuable material and proper waste treatment
  • The establishing, converting and optimising of systems for recycling used electrical and electronic equipment
  • Consulting and assistance


Impact Hub Moscow is a social enterprise community center and a provider of corporate educational programs in the sphere of social responsibility. Impact Hub builds an ecosystem of resources, inspiration and collaboration opportunities to grow the positive impact using it’s three instruments: a coworking for social entrepreneurs, educational programs, and a supportive community.